Tuesday, August 25, 2009

T. S.

I was inspired by my friend, Mel, to post some words about each of my boys.
I can't help but start with T after the day we had yesterday.

11:30 T falls backwards from a chair he's just climbed. Bumps his head and scrapes his back.

11:45 I nurse T to calm him. meanwhile....

11:50 The Pasadena police show up knocking on our door. Apparently while T had the phone a little while before climbing said chair, he called 911. Then he put the phone into the empty sink of his play kitchen.

12:30 We decide to go to Victory park to play.

12:40 T walks through the soccer field and sits down on a bee and is stung.

For those of you who know Jeremy's history....you'll quickly see that T takes after his daddy. I have a feeling there are many trips to the emergency room in my future.
Maybe I should go back to school for nursing just to be ready.

P.S. He's also taken a liking to dressing up in costumes! another Jeremy quality.
Finn never really got into costumes. It's a relief that T likes them, because I was actually considering trying for a "girl" just so that I could make costumes for her!
And, Yes. That is a picture of him with one of my bras on. He pulled it out of my drawer and put it on himself.

P.P.S. Finn, my little photographer, took the first picture.


Kate said...

Oh my gosh do I identify with this. Janey is definitely more accident prone than Wren. It's so funny how that just seems inborn.

Perhaps it's a blessing that we moved so far away before those two could team up.

Aud said...

wow! I just now realized that you've got a "T.S." and an "Eliot" in your family!
i forgot how cute that red hat is. After T outgrows it, i may have to borrow it for Abe.

xieferris said...

what a calamitous week! poor T.