Friday, August 28, 2009


Now it's Finn's turn. Maybe it's because he's older, but Finn is a little more difficult to peg! He's definately my compassionate one (like his namesake... i could even foresee him fleeing society as well one day!). Finn is an inquisitor. It's almost as though he struggles to decide which question he should ask first on a subject, and nearly stutters over it because he so desperately wants to be sure you'll answer the next one.

He's always got some sort of "project" (as he calls them) going. I never know what kind of concoction (and mess) i'll find when I return from getting T down for a nap. At the very least, I can be sure to find a pile of seeds spread out to dry on the table because he's really into "saving seeds" to plant next season. I love this, but it's also what can, at times, drive me crazy! I hope that I can truly embrace these things about him so that he continues to ask hard questions and really love and enjoy the process of learning, not merely the end results. In the second to last picture, I think he's actually trying to make notes in his head about the chocolate croussante so that he can make one when he gets home!

But one of the most beautiful things so far, is watching Finn's love for his little brother. He lights up when he watches T being silly or singing, or trying to talk. He really LOVES him. Delights in him. Amazing! Here is something that came out of Finn's mouth the other night as he was trying to get out of eating his dinner:

"I can't eat this because it's genetically modified".

clever little man. he was wrong, but he knows just what to say to get our sympathy!


xieferris said...

haha i love the idea of finn as a 4 year old pastry chef. i can believe he busted out genetically modified as a reason not to eat something. way too much time spent with mennonites!

Kate said...

Wren does the stutter question thing too, although more often when she's telling us a story and can't get it out fast enough.

Finn sounds incredibly fun, and your writing makes me wish we could hang out with you guys.

Of course it also makes me wish I was eating Polvo's for breakfast...