Sunday, January 17, 2010


For Christmas we flew to Tulsa the day after the first blizzard in it's history. Needless to say our christmas was very white, and lots of time was spent snowman-building. In Guthrie with Jeremy's family, Finn spent the days sledding down the hill behind Jeremy's parents' house with his older cousins. Pretty nice!

For the New Year we got to stay in a beautiful Arkansas cabin for Camp NanaPudge 2010! After CNP we drove through Fayettville and got to spend some time with our dear friends the Murray's before they move to India.

Then finally we drove through Siloam Springs where we met. We lived in the top apartment of the corner building in downtown Siloam during our first year of marriage, ten years ago! There's a picture of it above. I miss that little apartment and how simple things were (or seemed) back then.