Wednesday, April 22, 2009

illegal garden...Shhhhhhhhh!!!

I think I mentioned in a past post that we put up a swing in the empty field by our house. Well since then, we have been ordered to take the swing down...and nearly lost our "squatters" garden that Jeremy put in the back of the field. Thankfully Jeremy was able to convince the owners of the lot to let us keep the garden (at least till August). Finn is proudly holding the first fruits: a little radish!
The last picture shows the grapes that are starting to grow on our grapevines behind our house.


-- chase said...

"Hey! That's my vacant lot!"

Bummer about the swing, but I'm glad to hear you got to keep the garden for now.

Nana Jan said...

Finn...that radish looks yummy! Will you bring one to Nana when you come next month? Your mama used to love to pull up the radishes in our garden...and would take a salt shaker out in the yard so she could eat one right away. SALT!