Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Last days of Summer

Summer will come to an end in two weeks for us. I am mourning the loss of schedule-less days and only driving as much as I WANT to, not HAVE to.
The end is bitter sweet for sure.

Big things await us in a couple of weeks. Finn begins Kindergarten. I really can't believe this. I know he will love it, but I am sad at the same time. It feels like the beginning of some kind of time-quickening that I'm not ready for. T starts preschool! My baby boy. It's all too much. I think that Pearl will be my best buddy come September while I feel the lonesome quite around here. I've grown rather fond of ... maybe even dependent on the whirlwind of two boys.

It's been a beautiful summer. It's not officially over yet; maybe we can squeeze in a few more adventures before it's all said and done.


Kate said...

Heartbreakingly beautiful, as usual. I know what you mean about the speeding up... It's such a delicate balance.

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Nana Jan said...

How blessed we were to spend time with your precious family this summer...from Camp Nanapudge...to Decorah...to Asheville. Wish we could have frozen those moments but am so grateful to have had the privilege of being with you. Thanks for capturing the beauty in these photos.