Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tennessee: 2 1/2

I don't remember 2 1/2 being such a challenging age with Finn. I think Finn went through terrible 3's instead? Anyway, T has been keeping me on my toes. Since I've been somewhat frustrated, I thought it might be therapeutic to focus on the things that have been so much fun with him lately.

1. He's been really interested in drawing lately. The picture above is his Octopus.

2. It's been fun watching him play with other children (mainly Finn) more, instead of the parallel play they do when they are younger. He and Abel had some fun together a couple of weeks ago when the Smith's came over for dinner. I love that they wanted to go poop together!

3. He is officially riding his balance bike! He's become a little obsessed to the point that if he's outside, he's sitting or riding on it.

4. He hops in Pearl's crib in the morning after she wakes and plays with her (while Jeremy and I fight for a few more minutes of sleep before getting up!).

5. He is the best balloon blower-upper I've ever known!

T-Scoutie-My-Boy, you sure keep life interesting! I wouldn't have you any other way.


Kate said...

I was surprised by 2 1/2 as well. Really all the 1/2s have been harder than wholes I think.

Three is just around the corner, and that was a super fun age with both the girls!

I wish I could give you a "come drop them all off at my house" break, but you guys probably aren't up for the drive.


Jan said...

T-Scoutie My Boy....
You are right on target.
We love you just the way you are!!@!!1

nuf said...

yes, kate. that makes sense. my sister-in-law calls those 1/2s periods of disequilibrium. i think there is definately some truth in that.