Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chicken Herding

The boys have gotten really good at wrangling chickens these days. These are some crazy chickens....actually, pollos locos around these parts. Scout calls it team work as they chase and block them in to return to the coop. Finn is carefully guarding his winter garden, of course! That would be Greta on the fence....She likes looking into our kitchen. Meanwhile, Pearl just watches and usual.


Aud said...

your photos have been really beautiful lately. Must be enjoying that camera!

rosaleebills said...

fun times! pearl's face is SO cute!
yes, and beautiful photos

Carl said...

Wow, are we slow; never noticed we can leave comments and read others.
We are sooo thankful for your pictures of the fam! How we love & miss our precious grandchildren! Thankful Nana & Pudge are there ... but jealous. (-: