Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pretend Farmers

There's an on-going argument in my family about how one gets to be a farmer. This discussion came to be when in junior high, I told everyone that I would someday live on a farm. My sister-in-law insists that you must either be born into a farming family, or marry a farmer. Well, I did neither. But I think I may have birthed one!

The gourds in the picture are ones Finn planted and harvested. The blue corn is grown from seeds from the blue corn that he grew at our old house. Finn and jeremy went back and harvested that corn, brought home the seeds to plant here, and now we are eating it! And the chickens.... some friends of ours couldn't keep them, so we've adopted them. When they gave them to us they hadn't been laying. Finn had them a day, and they started laying again! He has a special touch, it seems.

The sweetest thing is that Finn has a money jar that he has specifically declared as money to buy a farm. He has it all planned out. He told Jeremy and me that we can have a house on his farm, encircled with sunflowers. He also said that he and Pearl would go get the farm going first, and then Scout could come join them. I believe he'll make it happen, and I WILL get to live on a farm after all!


ben wideman said...

That is pretty dang cute, Jen.

Amanda Mae said...

Finn is awesome! Such an amazing kid, how'd you do it?! How'd you raise him to be so amazing!

I love your urban farm