Friday, March 5, 2010

two of my favorite things

i feel like there are so many things about the boys that i want to remember these days and write about. but for now, i'm posting some of my favorite pictures from the week. i recently found my camera that was lost for over 3 months!


sara said...

hey jen. i thought that was so crazy that i found that video and jeremy was in it. at first i thought, hey that guy looks like jeremy seifert and then heard the guy on the video say "jeremy. . ." and then realized it WAS jeremy. then aj reminded me that dave had said that jeremy shot documentaries...anyhow, crazy how that all came together. i can't get that video out of mind....i can't imagine how that would be to have actually been there. anyhow, that was amazing. hard stuff. it does my heart good to see people loving selflessly.

and your boys are studs. good work. i see you have another coming. yay! it's fun to have a full house. blessings,sara

yoshimi said...

I've been waiting new pics!!
finally you found your camera!!
Where was it??
I miss Finn and Scout so much. They look bigger than 2month ago.
How's no.3??

Tuesday Waynemeir said...

I can't believe how BIG Scout is!! He's looking more and more like his big brother. Great photos!

Jan said...

I'm so glad you found your camera!!!
Can't wait to get my hands on you in a couple of weeks and give Miss Sadie a pat from her Nana!
Keep the pictures coming. Love you.