Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Obsession: Bald Eagles?

Finn and I (well, mainly me!) have been obsessed with watching this:

My mom sent the link from Tulsa's news. So far, we've seen three eggs, then one baby hatched, the father bringing fish to the nest. And now they are building the nest up probably to protect the little ones when they are up and about. So beautiful to watch!
I didn't think it would effect me the way that it has. I wonder if it would have been so profound to me before having kids. Regardless, it's something to watch if you have a moment.

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Nana Jan said...

Yup, everything is different once you see things through the eyes of a mother....and even grander when you see things through the eyes of a grandmother. It takes them 12 weeks to leave the nest, so we have lots of fun watching ahead!