Thursday, January 29, 2009

9 Years of wedded bliss...and other stuff too

Today, Jeremy and I celebrate our 9 year anniversary. We won't be celebrating tonight because of one of the realities that comes with being married nine years (forgetfulness). Here are some more realities:

letting our child eat junk at the zoo (something I NEVER thought I'd do as a parent!)

a sick baby (currently needing a nebulizer before bed to clear up his breathing)

jeremy committing himself to working on his film tonight (because he temporarily forgot our anniversary!)

an old-fashioned typewriter that i hope will inspire me to start journaling about our lives (since paper journals & fancy computers don't seem to do the trick)

spending too much time trying to find creative ways to camouflage lunch - in order to distract Finn from his toddler hunger strikes

and not being able to find a picture of JUST me and jeremy together for this post

HOWEVER...i wouldn't trade these things for anything else right now


JRD Travel Company said...

Wow, what a cool idea for a sandwich. I am sure your kids love it. I will try making the same for my 8 year picky eater.

-- chase said...

Congratulations! Great pictures, too. We went to the zoo a LOT when we lived in LA, but kettle corn was our preferred junk food.

Kate said...

This blog makes me miss you guys so much! Also, nice panties.

yoshimi said...

Hi!! Congratulations!!
How's little T? getting better?
miss you guys so much.