Friday, November 21, 2008

procrastination project #1

As I sit here at the computer and write "ABOUT" my procrastination project, I am procrastinating. (I should be writing final evaluations for my online students.)
this is the mobile I always meant to make for finn, but finally made for T. I should have waited until next week when my class is complete, but alas.

I work better under pressure anyway.


Aud said...

wow, Nuf! I'm really impressed. Not that I didn't think you were capable of making such a cool thing, but it really is cool. I would buy one! (Although since it took you 3 years, maybe I won't offer to buy one...for your sake). And those stinkin' amazing knitting needles...ahhh, my mouth watered when I saw those beauties! I may sneak in his room and replace them with a couple sticks when he ain't lookin'.

xieferris said...

Oh nice.. i love it

mel said...

love it.
you coming this way for the holidays?