Thursday, October 23, 2008

the wright brothers

In case you couldn't tell, Finn and T are sitting in their cockpits of the airplanes that Finn created on our bed. There is something beautiful about having your first child, but nothing compares with the magic of watching the room light up from the big gummy grin that T gives Finn when he walks into the room. I can't wait to see what fun (and trouble) these two create together in the years to come.


Amanda Mae said...

That is a great photo of them, what fun they will have.

... and can I say ... That header photo is awesome! .. Your underwear! I love it!

Nana Jan said...

Maybe you're getting where you understand your crazy mom better these days...and the joy it brings me when I get all my chicks in the same place at the same time. It's the memory of those toothless grins...and the pretend elevators...and the talent shows...and the giggles beneath a make-shift tent...and tennis-racket air's those memories that flood back when I have you all together.

Aud said...

ah man...that's amazing! It kinda looks like T is radioing in on an imaginary headset.

Felicia said...

i second amanda, Nice underwear.

But about the boys...I'm feelin a new member to Pit Pit!!